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After attending the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles,

Ferris Ellen Gluck started her career as a professional composer. Almost immediately, her musical abilities and speed were put to the test when she spent a few years working for Roger Corman at Concorde-New Horizons Pictures.

Ferris wrote all the music and lyrics for the musical, animated feature, ALADDIN & THE ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME. She composed the score and wrote songs for the feature, "SCREAM QUEEN." She composed the scores for the award-winning short films FRANKZ & BEANS IN SPERM WARFARE! and THE QUESTION as well as all of the source music for NONFAT, grand prize winner of the Houston Film Festival.

She also wrote the music and lyrics for the multi-award-winning documentary 3 GIRLS I KNOW and served as the Musical Director/ Composer for the live show MURDER IN THE MANDARIN BALLROOM. Currently, her music appears in the PLANET'S FUNNIEST ANIMALS, ELIMIDATE, MR. OXYGEN, GREEK, and GIRLS NEXT DOOR television shows and she is scoring the independent feature, “ROAD TO SUNDANCE.”


Ferris Ellen Gluck


Composer/Lyricist Bio

"Not only did Ferris get whatever horribly vague musical concept I awkwardly tried to articulate but she quickly -- make that effortlessly -- captured whatever mood was to be required.  I was pleasantly surprised to find someone who could not only master diverse styles of music but whose compositions were bold and original...I've worked with many a music director, composer, musician, ad naseum [sic] over the years but none do I remember as fondly, nor would I work with again as quickly, as Ferris Ellen Gluck.”

Gene Laufenberg

Writer/ Director

Lockjaw Productions


    Comedy - 16 pc. band

        -Main Title

        -Pie Fight Rag

    Suspense to Chase - 8 pc. ens.

    Melancholy - cello quartet

Songs & Lyrics

    Coming Soon

    Disco Tune