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Give yourself or your child the gift of music!

Improve your brain.  Create beauty.  Enhance your child's chances for college acceptances.

Classical &/or Jazz.  Certificate of Merit available.  
MTAC member and former Board member.
Graduated from New England Conservatory of Music 
and Dick Grove Composing & Arranging program (CAP)

About my teaching...

I have always had students in addition to working as a composer and performer .
As a professional musician, my philosophy is that  my students should have the opportunity to learn all of the skills needed to become professional musicians themselves.  I tailor my approach and pace to the individual student’s needs, capabilities and personality.  My overall goal is to nurture a love and enthusiasm for music.

My studio holds 1 Recital annually followed by a reception.  Family and friends are invited to attend.

I also hold  an annual Performance Workshop  at which my students perform, then  learn about stage fright and how to prevent it.  Parents and immediate family are invited to attend this event.

Q: At what age should my child begin piano lessons?
A:  If your child has an attention span of at least 30 min. then he/she is probably ready.   I have had students as young as 4 1/2.  Age 7 is ideal for most kids.

Q:  Is it ever too late to begin lessons?  
A: It’s never too late!  I have had students in their 70’s learn to play!  It is a matter of the student’s willingness to learn and practice.

For further questions and information on my rates, please email me at  girltunes@earthlink.netmailto:girltunes@earthlink.netshapeimage_10_link_0

Recitalists moments before the performance...