Live Online & In-Person Piano Lessons

with Ferris Ellen Gluck

I’m a graduate of the New England Conservatory
of Music and the Dick Grove Composing &
Arranging Program and have over 20 years of
experience teaching adults and children.

Live Online & In-Person Piano Lessons

Improve your brain. Create beauty. Enhance your child’s chances for college acceptances. Have fun!

About my teaching

I have always had students in addition to working as a composer and performer. As a professional musician, my philosophy is that my students should have the opportunity to learn all of the skills needed to become professional musicians themselves. I tailor my
approach to the student’s individual needs, capabilities and goals. My overall goal is to nurture a love and enthusiasm for music. ~Ferris

About my students

• My students range from beginner to advanced intermediate, ages 5 and up.
• Sometimes an advanced classical player wants to learn jazz improvisation as well.
• Sometimes a jazz player wants to learn classical technique.
• I hold 1 recital per year (see photo above of Steinway & Sons Recital Hall in Los Angeles), which includes a reception for friends & family (online currently due to pandemic)
• Occasionally, I hold a workshop for
stage fright.

Online Lessons

It’s easy to set up for an online lesson.
Here’s what you need:
1) A high speed internet connection. We can use Zoom, Facetime, or Skype. I will email or text you a link to click on in order for us to be connected.
2) A computer, tablet or smartphone. The above photo shows how to position your device so that I can view your hands on the piano.
3) A piano or keyboard. Having a lesson on your own instrument is one of the advantages of online lessons!

Testimonials (and poetry!)

Ferris is great! Very knowledgeable in
classical & jazz, knows theory cold. Holds
you accountable–which is good! Pleasure
to be with; lessons are fun! Best teacher
I’ve had!

~Jeffrey F.

If you are an adult thinking of taking piano lessons but worried about being too old, please call Ferris. She is a professional musician who is organized and patient. She will work with you to structure lessons that fit your ability, musical interests and schedule.
I enjoyed taking lessons from Ferris. She was always encouraging, never made me feel old, and brought good energy to the day.

~Michelle L. (63 years old)

My daughter took piano lessons from Ferris for
over four years. She looked forward to her
lessons, I never had to ask her to practice! The
lessons were engaging, challenging, and
definitely encouraged an enthusiasm for creating
music. Ferris helped my daughter prepare for
the annual nationally-given Certificate of Merit
piano test and she was always successful, which
gave her a great sense of accomplishment.
Ferris also helped her prepare for her high
school choral auditions and she was chosen to
be a member of the top group, Madrigals. Our
family and friends enjoyed attending the annual
recital of all Ferris’ students. Although my
daughter did not pursue a career in music, she
has continued to enjoy playing the piano for her
own enjoyment into her young adult years.        ~Gretchen G.


Ideally, your child should have an attention span of at least 30 min. to begin taking lessons. I have had students as young as 4 1/2. Age 7 is ideal for most children. For more info. view infographic on the ideal age for lessons

It’s never too late! I have had students in their 70’s learn to play! It is a matter of the student’s willingness to learn and practice.

Lessons may include a combination of music theory, technical exercises, sight reading, ear
training, and games (yes! there is fun to be had at lessons!) as well as a selection of
repertoire to work on depending on your goals and abilities. Following the live online
session, an organized lesson plan tailored to you is written out for you to follow each week.

Additional options are composition, jazz improvisation, song writing, and coaching for piano
or vocal auditions, and coaching for small ensembles.

Yes – it is up to you as to whether you wish to participate in the Certificate of Merit Program. I am a member of the Music Teachers Association of California as well as being on the Board of the local MTAC-WLA Branch.

Yes. I limit groups to no more than 3 and they must be in the same location. Parent/child pairs are a special way to bond with your child. Married couples, siblings, home-schooled groups, and friends enjoy learning together and playing duets. For group lessons, there is an added fee of $10 per extra student.

Please contact us to find out about our rates. We offer lessons 60, 45 or 30 minutes long.