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Ferris Ellen Gluck
Ferris Ellen Gluck

Before we dive into today’s topic, I want to welcome you to post #1 of the blog.

This blog will cover miscellaneous musical topics with the hope of appealing to music students, musicians, and music lovers of all ages.

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Any age can be ideal for music lessons — it depends on the type of lesson…so the first thing to consider is:

1) What type of lesson is ideal for my child currently?

As shown in the infographic below, there are 4 types of lessons loosely based on cognitive development, age and physical strength of the individual.

What is the ideal age for music lessons? An illustrated circle beginning with age 0 to 3 describes what is appropriate for each age group. For 0 to 3, singing and swaying to the music is best; for 3 to 5, identifying elements such as the beat and melody; for 5 to 9, formal lessons on simple instruments such as recorder or ukelele, also piano depending on attention span; ages 10 and up, formal lessons to master the instrument and musical ability on piano and other physically challenging instruments such as sax or bass viol

4 Types of music lessons:

Various “lesson” activities are suggested in the infographic above to give you an idea of what your child may be capable of according to age.  Use this as a guide to teach your child informally in preparation for formal lessons later on.  Informal lessons are also important for nurturing a love for music.

Most parents want to know when their child will be ready to take formal lessons – i.e. studying a musical instrument with an instructor – which leads us to the last 3 considerations:

2) Does my child have, at minimum, a 30 minute attention span?

Children need to be able to focus and take instruction. The longer the attention span, the better!

3) Does my child yet have the physical strength to play the desired instrument?

Starting a 5 year old on tuba could be dangerous!  In contrast, the piano is a very safe and accessible instrument for young children to play.

4) Is someone in my household willing and able to reinforce a practice schedule for my child?

Practicing is usually not natural behavior. Therefore, it is important to make expectations clear with consistency and positive reinforcement to help your child successfully meet musical goals set by you or the instructor.


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2.  Personal experience of Ferris Ellen Gluck 1999-2019.

This list is in no way comprehensive – everyone’s situation is unique and may involve other factors.

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